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Digital Marketing? Is Fin & Feather h2o on the right track?

As social media and internet takes over traditional marketing strategies such as tv ads and radio advertisements, a new type of marketing has emerged: Digital Marketing. Some of you may think that digital marketing is just making advertisements and commercials and spread it throughout the internet. But, it’s not that simple, digital marketing strategy requires much more than just using the internet to promote certain things. In order to identify if the strategy is efficient or not, the front office of the company must ask themselves some questions: is there a “rent” and “own” existence? Are they shouting to promote their products? Do they have a mobile strategy? In this post we’ll analyze Fin & Feather h2o’s digital marketing strategy and try to boost and make their strategy better.

Rent? Own? What is it?

According to the article by Avinash Kaushik, each company should have both rent and own existence. Rent refers to a promoting and engaging the audience throughout platforms. This platform can be either Google+ or Facebook, something that can be accessible to everyone by using the internet. Own, on the other hand, is to establish a website where the company is in control of everything, from the structure of the website to the content of the website.

If we try to search for Fin & Feather h2o using a searching engine, you can see there’s a Facebook page established called Fin & Feather H2O. This, is the company’s renting existence. As you can see, so far there are more than 200 likes, followed by Fin & Feather H2O’s everyday posts. There is also an own existence for Fin & Feather, they’ve established the website, in which you can find many information including contacts and FAQS.

More on Rent – how to manage?

There are basically two ways of managing posts in the rented platform. The company is either shouting out to try and promote their products or adding value to the company’s product. Fin & Feather H2O, which established a Facebook page, is clearly trying to engage with the audience by shouting at them. Most of the posts were: we still have an empty spot here! As well as pictures of people playing and enjoying the summer breeze. All these actions are posting but not really adding value to the business.

Owning a website- 2% vs. 100%

A 2% is when the website is established only to solve one problem, that is, only one outcome/result is there. On the other hand, 100% is solving for a global maxima with macro and micro outcomes. Fin & Feather established a website (http://www.finfeather.com/) in which you can find links, announcements, as well as online-shopping. To improve their website management, Fin & Feather can add some more features to the site. First of all, they can add a mission statement to their website. Also, by providing a FAQ section, it can solve some of the visitor’s problems.

Introducing a new way – Mobile way of life

As cellphone evolve into smart phones, we are able to navigate through the internet using phones. This innovation led into mobile marketing. Many companies developed their own applications, which contain certain information as well as keeping the mobile users informed of the company. Unfortunately Fin & Feather H2O did not develop an application for mobile. They are not concerned about mobile strategy. In order to renovate, Fin & Feather needs a mobile application. Their application should contain information about the company or activity promoting, as well as reservations.

In conclusion, if Fin & Feather H2O can keep up with the work they’ve done for rent and owning existence, and furthermore develop a mobile strategy and mobile application, they are succeeding at Digital Marketing