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Google+ and Business

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Google+ is a social networking idea created by Google Inc. By using this platform, people can create and join communities. In business, a lot of people say Google+ is necessary, and a lot of people think that having a Google+ site for business is a waste of time.

Reasons to use Google+:

  1. Interact with other communities: when you create a business page on Google+, you can interact with other users by liking their comments as well as replying and sharing news.
  2. Reviews: other users are able to search and review your business, including additional details and photos.
  3. Division of Circles: this classification can help you identify easily what posts you want different circles to see.
  4. Hangout:  A good way to interact with your customers face to face.
  5. Hash tags: by using hash tags, business can get more exposure to users beyond your followers or your circle of friends.

Reasons to not use Google+:

  1. Your business already has a Twitter account and a Facebook page to promote your company, since the features of the social networks are similar, there is no need to use Google+.
  2. People are used to use Facebook and Twitter everyday, in comparison with Google+. Google+ is kind of deserted. So if your business want to get more audience, Google+ is not your choice. 
  3. Google+ is censored by the government of China. This is why there are less people using Google+. If your business is focused in Asian countries, Google+ may not be a good social network to use.
  4. Restrictions: Google+ restricts people to use real names and real identities in order to register for a page.
  5. Privacy is a big problem in Google+. Also, + is problematic in some pages; so it’s not recommended to have a Google+ for your business.

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