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Google+ and Business

Google+ is a social networking idea created by Google Inc. By using this platform, people can create and join communities. In business, a lot of people say Google+ is necessary, and a lot of people think that having a Google+ site for business is a waste of time.

Reasons to use Google+:

  1. Interact with other communities: when you create a business page on Google+, you can interact with other users by liking their comments as well as replying and sharing news.
  2. Reviews: other users are able to search and review your business, including additional details and photos.
  3. Division of Circles: this classification can help you identify easily what posts you want different circles to see.
  4. Hangout:  A good way to interact with your customers face to face.
  5. Hash tags: by using hash tags, business can get more exposure to users beyond your followers or your circle of friends.

Reasons to not use Google+:

  1. Your business already has a Twitter account and a Facebook page to promote your company, since the features of the social networks are similar, there is no need to use Google+.
  2. People are used to use Facebook and Twitter everyday, in comparison with Google+. Google+ is kind of deserted. So if your business want to get more audience, Google+ is not your choice. 
  3. Google+ is censored by the government of China. This is why there are less people using Google+. If your business is focused in Asian countries, Google+ may not be a good social network to use.
  4. Restrictions: Google+ restricts people to use real names and real identities in order to register for a page.
  5. Privacy is a big problem in Google+. Also, + is problematic in some pages; so it’s not recommended to have a Google+ for your business.

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New Social Media Platform for Fin & Feather H2O: Introducing Twitter

Social Media has been proved more effective than traditional marketing strategies. If Fin & Feather wants to advertise the product, then Twitter is the platform that Fin & Feather H2O must be engaged in. By using Twitter, one can easily follow updates of almost everything on the internet.

Important Twitter Accounts for the company

If Fin & Feather H2O want to publicly advertise about the company, the following twitter accounts must be followed:

  • IOWA DNR @Iowa dnr is a must follow account. This account is controlled by Iowa Department Natural Resources, and since water recreation is related to natural resource, Fin & Feather should follow it on Twitter.
  • Tower Paddle Boards @towerPB is another account suggested. Tower Paddle Boards sells/rent paddle boards, and sometimes publishes some learning tips about paddle boards. This account will be a useful one to follow.
  • U.S. EPA @EPA water is the environmental protection agency. This account must be followed by the company since Fin & Feather H2O is about an activity that involves the environment.
  • The Weather Channel @weatherchannel is another Twitter account that must be followed. Since Fin & Feather H2O is an outdoor activity, considering the weather is also important.
  • The Iowa Hawkeyes @TheIowaHawkeyes is the most important one. Iowa Hawkeyes represent the University of Iowa, and since the event is held near Iowa City, most of Fin & Feathers H2O’s customers are somehow related to University of Iowa, whether they are students at UI or Hawkeye fans.\

Twitter Handles have to be short and be able to reflect the brand. For Fin & Feather H2O these twitter handles are suggested: @ffh2o, @finfeatherh2o, @h2offiowa.

Messages to send & NOT TWEET PUBLICLY:

  • messages containing financial information
  • personal related messages

Tweets that can go with hashtags:

  • “It’s a hot summer day! Don’t know where to go? Fin & Feather H2O offers you water recreation! #hotsummer #watersports” – The goal of this tweet is the “shout” in public. If people don’t know where to go in the summer, this can be a suggestion.
  • “Paddle Boards? Kayak ? Rent and enjoy water sports provided by Fin&Feather H2O! #kayak #paddleboardrent”- This tweet shows the public what services Fin & Feather H2O offers, including renting of paddle boards and kayak.

Tweeting and using hashtags is only the basic feature of Twitter. As you dig in deeper, you’ll find that Twitter has many more features.